Get Involved

Get Involved

There are different ways to support the sustainability of the Tetons through 1% for the Tetons: as a Member business, a Community Liaison, a donor, or a volunteer. But, most of all, by supporting those businesses that are 1% for the Tetons’ Members you are supporting a vibrant,  local approach to community philanthropy and the projects that matter most.


Businesses who belong to 1% for the Tetons donate 1% of annual revenue to the organization. These Members automatically become Members of 1% for the Planet, and can use both group’s logos in their marketing to convey their commitment to conservation.


Individuals and business that want to support 1% for the Tetons but can’t commit 1% of revenues are welcome to donate to our Friends of 1% for the Tetons program. This program includes access to 1% for the Tetons events, but will not allow usage of the logo.