Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

1% for the Tetons is a member-funded organization that provides leadership and financial support to early-stage initiatives focused on the conservation of the Tetons region’s natural resources and related qualities. Organizations interested in receiving funding from 1% for the Tetons must submit the following form by July 15th. 

The evaluation process consists of three parts.

  1. Charture Institute’s Board of Directors reviews all applications to ensure they meet 1%T’s grants criteria. During this first step, at its sole discretion, the Charture Institute’s board retains the option of contacting applicants for more information about a given application. Based on this evaluation, the Charture board will choose a group of “Finalist” proposals. All Finalists are eligible for funding, although none is guaranteed to receive any funding.
  2. 1% for the Tetons’ members review the Finalists’ applications and allocate their donations to any or all of the Finalist projects.
  3. The 1% for the Tetons’ grants committee allocates any remaining funds.

Please note that, with rare exception, 1%T does not fund 100 percent of any project in its entirety. Similarly, only rarely does 1%T offer partial funding of a grant request. We trust our applicants to ask for what they need to successfully execute their project, and we either fund all of what is asked for or nothing at all.

At least one member of the applicant team must be a government agency or 501(c)3 non-profit.