Uncategorized Spotlight on Vertical Harvest

Spotlight on Vertical Harvest

By now, you’ve probably seen the amazing progress happening at Milward and Simpson as the Vertical Harvest greenhouse nears completion.

Did you know 1% for the Tetons provided the first private money to get the idea off the ground?  We love supporting early stage, innovative ideas for conservation and Vertical Harvest is a great example of  the type of project we love to support.

In February, we’ll host an exclusive pre-opening tour for 1% for the Tetons members.

Vertical Harvest is one of the world’s first vertical greenhouses, located on a sliver of vacant land next to a parking garage.  This 13,500 sq. ft. three-story stacked greenhouse will utilize a 1/10 of an acre infill lot to grow an annual amount of produce equivalent to 5 acres of traditional agriculture. 

Vertical Harvest plans to create a sustainable source of locally grown, fresh vegetables to sell year round to Jackson area restaurants, grocery stores and directly to consumers through on-site sales.  Vertical Harvest will replace 100,000 pounds of produce that is trucked into the community each year.

Vertical Harvest has also established an innovative model to employ an under-served Wyoming population: adults with developmental disabilities.  Current statewide statistics show an unemployment rate of 78% among Wyoming’s employable developmentally disabled residents.

Vertical Harvest expects to open in spring 2016.  Keep an eye on this exciting project!

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