1% Grantees & Projects

2010 Recipients

Conservation Research Center of Teton Science Schools
American Pika Distribution
Pikas, charismatic denizens of alpine ecosystems, are indicators of changing environmental conditions. Little is known about pika distributions in Wyoming. We propose an integrated research and education project that will advance conservation of pikas in the Tetons and enhance the community.
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Grand Teton National Park Foundation
GTNP Reusable Water Bottle Program
Grand Teton National Park will retrofit existing water fountains to include water bottle filling stations, educate visitors about greenhouse gas emissions through interpretive signs near the fountains, and promote behavioral change of visitors to reuse bottles, thereby reducing the amount of plastic entering the waste and recycling system.
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Grand Teton National Park Foundation
Restoring GTNP Whitebark Pine
Whitebark pine have experienced considerable mortality as a result of a recent cyclic epidemic of mountain pine beetle and increasing incidence of the exotic white pine blister rust in the park and across the Rocky Mountain West. The problem is exacerbated by climatic warming trends. This project will propagate seedlings, identify planting sites and replant whitebark pine in Grand Teton National Park.
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Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
Wildlife-friendly Highway Alternatives
The Wildlife-Friendly Highway Alternatives Project will ensure that the best available science on wildlife-friendly technologies is offered for a major highway expansion project in Teton County - Jackson South.
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Slow Food in the Tetons
Vertical Harvest
The Vertical Harvest project is a comprehensive community collaboration that is committed to building a vertical greenhouse in the heart of the Town of Jackson. The main goal of the project is to provide our community a reliable, sustainable, year round venue to grow organic fruits and vegetables for local consumption.
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Teton Boulder Project
Teton Boulder Project
The Teton Boulder Project is a grass-roots Partnership seeking to celebrate the past, present and future of Teton climbing by constructing a bouldering park at the base of Snow King Mountain. The park has Three Objectives - Education, Recreation and Inspiration.
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Teton Freedom Riders
Candyland Trail
Construction of 7,000 linear feet of trail beginning at the Jimmy's Mom Trail and terminating at the head of the Parallel Trail in order to separate users to eliminate budding user conflict and safety issues.
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Teton Raptor Center
Port-O-Potty Owl Project (PoO-PoO Project)
The PoO-PoO Project will mitigate small owl mortality due to entrapment in vault toilets throughout
U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and National Park Service (NPS) lands connected to the greater Teton area by
retrofitting 85 units with vent screens to eliminate exposure to accidental entrapment.
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Valley Advocates for Responsible Development
Reshaping Development Patterns
Working in partnership with the Sonoran Institute - Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Joint Venture, VARD will leverage research efforts and a real-life demonstration project to catalyze a shift toward a more sustainable pattern of land use and development in Teton Valley and throughout the greater Tetons area.
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Wyoming Wilderness Association
Living in Wild Country
The outcome from this project is a user-friendly, inspirational Guide. Living in Wild Country will help people understand their part in protecting the unique qualities of our wild, beautiful landscape. It will also be a useful tool for people who want to participate in local resources issues including planning efforts.
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