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Teton Valley Trails & Pathways

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Pathways Mapping Project for Teton Valley

Pathways Mapping Project for Teton Valley

The “Pathways Mapping Project for Teton Valley” is an essential and key part of assuring that this community has a connected system of trails and pathways that allow travel throughout the valley and into the National Forest without using motorized transportation. The project will concentrate on mapping existing and proposed trail corridors within Teton Valley, Idaho as well as Alta and Grand Targhee in Wyoming and as far reaching as the communities of Tetonia, Felt, and Ashton.
In developing this project we hope to coordinate input from public and private sources, managers and stakeholders, in order to outline potential pathways and trails throughout these areas. With these maps we can approach granting sources, either private or government agencies, with specific areas and segments of the plan that we would like to fund. The maps would show not only the corridors we want to have pathways and trails, but would also outline the likely conditions and  constraints that will need further evaluation and studies. Although we will not have any specific partners in this first phase, we have already coordinated with the National Forest Service, Teton County, Idaho mapping archives, and Victor and Driggs city planning offices. This project will also foster collaboration between a variety of user groups, motorized and non-motorized, to assure that the comprehensive vision of the valley wide trails system serves a multitude of users.

The ultimate goal of Teton Valley Trails And Pathways is to have a comprehensive system of non-motorized transportation and recreation facilities for walkers, bicyclists, runners, equestrians, skiers, skaters and others to travel throughout the Valley. These systems of trails would promote a healthy lifestyle, would be accessible to a variety of skill levels, and offer family-oriented outdoor activities, the result of which we believe will lead to a more active and healthier community.

Year Awarded: 2007
Amount Awarded: $1,000
Location: Teton County, ID

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