One28: 28 Days of Funding the Future

The Concept

During the 28 days between May 8 and June 5, 2010, 1% for the Tetons will attempt to raise $300,000 to fund 19 projects furthering the long-term sustainability of the Tetons region. The funding will come from a combination of 1% member businesses, non-member businesses, and the public at large. The effort will be called One28.

One28 will kick off on Saturday, May 8, with 1% for the Tetons’s first annual Sustainability Grants Conference. The conference will be held at Spring Creek Resort from 2 - 5 pm. The highlight of the conference will be short oral presentations given by each of the 19 "Finalists," the applicants with projects eligible for 2010 funding from 1% for the Tetons. The conference will also feature a keynote speech by Mark-Hans Richer, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

One28 will culminate at 11:59:59 pm on Saturday, June 5, and we will announce the Grants recipients at our 2nd Annual Member Celebration at the Q Roadhouse restaurant (a member of 1% for the Tetons) at 6 p.m., Sunday, June 6. The Member Celebration begins at 4 p.m. and goes until dusk.

In the intervening 26 days, 1% for the Tetons will lead a coordinated effort among all 19 finalists to raise the community’s awareness of the various projects, with the goal of funding each one. The effort will include weekly ads in the Jackson Hole News&Guide, as well as a daily“countdown” ad in the Jackson Hole Daily. Each “countdown” ad will show how many days are left before the June 5 deadline, and the first 19 ads will feature a different finalist. Additional traditional and social media will be used as available, appropriate, and affordable.

1% for the Tetons will ask its members, community liaisons, and other supporters to help spread the word about One28, and provide them with resources for engaging members of the community to donate and otherwise help. Additionally, during this period 1% for the Tetons will solicit at least 100 local businesses – ideally to get them to join 1%; at a minimum to get them to make pledges toward one of more of the 19 finalist projects.

1% will look to the 19 finalists to work under the One28 umbrella and, in a synergistic fashion, simultaneously solicit funds for their own project and help publicize the larger One28 effort. In so doing, the hope is that, for 28 days, Tetons-area residents and visitors will have the sense that One28 is everywhere.

Through One28, 1% for the Tetons hopes to accomplish six goals:

  1. Fully fund all 19 “finalist” projects.
  2. Bring more attention to the finalist projects and their sponsoring organizations.
  3. Greatly increase 1%’s profile, and in so doing increase the value of 1% membership.
  4. Increase 1%’s roster of members, friends, and community liaisons.
  5. Create an annual signature meta-event for 1% for the Tetons: One28.
  6. Increase overall awareness of sustainability-related efforts in the Tetons region.

Making it Work

There are obviously a zillion logistical details involved in making something as ambitious as One28 work. The key, however, is setting up a coordinated plan and clear framework within which all 19 “finalists” not only operate, but do so in a way which both complements others’ efforts and “floods the zone” with One28-related events for all 28 days.

The more that goes on during those 28 days, the greater the chances of 1% for the Tetons meeting all six of its goals. That noted, 1% for the Tetons does not have the internal resources – human or financial – to do much more than stage the two bookend events (May 8 and June 5), run daily and weekly newspaper ads, and ask members and friends to help devise a strategy and tactics for making One28 succeed.

To fill in the 26 blank spot days in One28, 1% for the Tetons will look to the 19 finalists to do things – big, small, and in-between – to keep One28 in the public eye. These could range from public presentations about a particular project to entries in the Old West Days parade. Regardless of a given activity’s form, the important thing is that 19 additional organizations will team with 1% for the Tetons to help raise the profile of One28.

As suggested above, for this to succeed it is incumbent upon 1% for the Tetons to establish a clear framework for finalists and, in so doing, ensure the various efforts complement rather than compete with one another (up to and including refusing to fund a finalist if it behaves poorly).

Ideas for paid or free publicity include:

  • Daily “countdown” ads in the JH Daily and News&Guide;
  • A countdown sign in public locations, including Albertson’s, the “community billboard” at the Moose-Wilson Rd. intersection, and the like
  • Trying to get newspaper stories and radio spots on every “finalist”
  • Using social media
  • Putting together a video clip for the JH Cinemas to screen before movies
  • Entry in the Old West Days parade
  • Getting PSAs in local media
  • Encouraging finalists to begin their solicitation process before May 9, so we can come out of the gate with a good donation base

We thank you for your interest in the One28 Campaign. We hope you can join in the excitement by attending events, spreading the word and, of course, supporting this year's grants finalists with your generous donation.

If you're ready to donate, please visit the projects page.

Download the One28 overview to learn more. (PDF, 268 kb)

One28: 28 Days of Funding Our Future

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